Lessons From My WIP, Part 2: Weed out your ‘trophies’.

https://i2.wp.com/www.trophyshopak.com/Trophy%20Image%203.pngMy second segment of Lessons From My WIP is on weeding out your novel’s trophies. Trophies in this case are in the same vein as ‘Author’s Darlings’, but covering a much wider range. And while source after source after source say to kill your darlings, to murder them viciously where they stand, it’s still something that the average novelist struggles with well into publication.

So how do you identify your trophies? And what can you do to prevent the collection of more?

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Lessons From My WIP, Part 1: Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Alright, picture this: It’s that fateful day when you sit down with the grand scheme to your current work-in-progress, and you realize, “I’ve got so many awesome things in this story that it’s… actually kind of incoherent.” I think it happens to everyone at least once. It most definitely happened to me.

It seems the next question is, what caused this? And better yet, how do you fix it?

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