Holograms: It could be anybody.

Your teacher, your sister, your wife

Okay, not really, but you’d be shocked by the sheer detail and realism of some holograms these days.

First a disclaimer: I know this isn’t necessarily about writing. But in the blog schedule I’ve got running, Sundays are fun days so I’m going to give you something I’ve recently tripped over that absolutely fascinates me.

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How much does a polar bear weigh?

Enough to break the ice!

Hi, my name’s Morgan Bishop and I swear that’s the lamest joke you’ll ever hear me tell. (Well, see me tell… ah, technicalities.) The truth is, I’m not fantastic with introductions, but I am fantastic at being a dork. I’m also fantastic at eating chocolate cake, turning my elbows inside-out, and getting more deaths than kills on your first-person-shooter of choice.

I’m not too shabby at mowing down waves of the undead, either.

When I’m not killing zombies or getting gunned down with my elbows inverted and cake in my mouth, I’m usually either reading or writing. Or writing about reading or reading about writing, or sometimes even writing about writing. (That whole sentence screams ‘diagram’, but it’s 2 AM and you never want me using Paint after midnight.)

Either way, that’s what you can expect from this blog. I’ll write about reading and my writing and your writing and all of the topics in between. Sometimes even writing about reading about writing. But I’ll stop before we cue the Inception jokes. Suffice to say that you’ll hopefully be equal parts informed, intrigued, amused, and excited. If I can accomplish that, even if nothing else, then we’re in business.

Tomorrow you can expect my first real post. It’s gonna be Saturday, so I think that means my kickoff post is going to be Part 1 of What I Learned In Writing Frontline (my current WIP). Lessons about various aspects of the writing world, be them craft techniques or marketing tips, fresh off the grill from my own mistakes so you don’t wind up hitting the same pitfalls I did.

Until then, have a great rest of the night, and I’ll see you tomorrow.