Who is Morgan Bishop?

Morgan is a freelance editor, and is currently challenging the dedication and perseverance of the Sentry team in her super-powered sci-fi novel, Frontline.

She’s an avid reader, and as far as books go, she’ll read “anything with a pulse”, as she puts it. If the characters, setting, or intrigue draw her in, she’ll hop bookstores and genres to read it. She’s been studying the writing craft for nearly ten years, and loves to share what she’s learned with anyone who’d like to hear it.

Morgan also loves to play video games and train horses (although not at the same time), and is currently learning to drag-race with her father. For pets, she’s got two adorable kittens and a fiancee and feeds them all around the same time.

…I should probably mention her terrible sense of humor.

She can currently be found altogether much too close to Forks, Washington, but she’ll be migrating to Colorado Springs sometime next year.

You can reach Morgan at write.bishop@gmail.com or, of course, by dropping her a comment here on Something from Nothing. Trust me, she’d love to hear from you.


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