How to Write for Both Genders

It’s shocking, how few articles there are on the topic of writing a book that appeals to both genders. I’m not sure whether that means people don’t know how,  or don’t want their book to appeal to both genders, or think it’s unnecessary because appealing to both genders is easy, or what.

But just in case, I figured I’d give you what I’ve gathered on the topic.

First and foremost (and this may be a controversial statement but bear with me here):

Appeal to men and women shall follow.

You read me right. As I was compiling a list of male-reader advice, I realized exactly how much of it appealed to me as well. Because it was less about adding elements to appeal to men and more about avoiding things that drive men away.

So without further adieu, seven ways to attract male readers (followed by a few tips on how to adjust for females as well).

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